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High Dose Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer

high dose vitamin c therapy for cancer

High dose vitamin c therapy for cancer is the perfect alternative therapy to conventional chemotherapy.

It’s important that people who are dealing with cancer understand that they have healthy options when it comes to treatment. Succumbing to the conventional model of cut, burn and poison or surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is not necessary. There are far healthier healing modalities available that are effective and cause no harm to the body.

How effective is high dose Vitamin C therapy for cancer? A series of studies conducted and produced by the National Institute of Health, the FDA and the National Cancer Institute from 2004 to approximately 2009 showing intravenous high dose vitamin c therapy is very effective in the fight against cancer.

If vitamin C was not present in our diet we would end up with a deficiency condition called scurvy.

Collagen production is not possible with having vitamin c present. We obtain the suppleness to our skin from collagen production. Without it gum tissues would certainly bleed and our skin would start to droop.

Different plant foods and also a variety of fruits contain the essential vitamin c. Oranges, lemons and also limes are great carriers of natural vitamin c.

When it comes to anti-oxidants, vitamin c is an important one. What an antioxidant or “reducing agent” as it’s labeled in clinical terms does is donate electrons. The job of an anti-oxidant is to donate an electron wherever there may be a lack of them. The opposite from an anti-oxidant is a free radical and they cause damage. Free radicals are atoms that have a shortage of electrons.

Free radicals travel through the body trying to find an electron and while doing so they inflict some damage. They create openings in membrane layers and also could trigger mutations. A free radical is provided an electron that it is craving from an anti-oxidant and damage is minimized or neutralized.

Dr. Thomas Lodi explains high dose vitamin c therapy for cancer

What we have found out through research is that high dosages of intravenous vitamin c have the ability to promptly contribute electrons to free radicals. When vitamin c encounters iron or cooper in the body it produces what is called the Fenton reaction. Iron and copper are two common minerals we all have. The Fention reaction helps to oxidize contaminants.

Hydrogen peroxide is produced when vitamin c donates to iron. When cancer cells no longer use oxygen they stop producing antioxidant enzymes. This process will actually modify their genetic expression.

What this tells us is that catalase is not present in cancer cells. Here’s the magical part; when cancer cells come fact to face with a peroxide as a result of the cells no longer having catalase to neutralize it, those cancer cells die. Healthy cells do neutralize it as a result of having catalase and convert the peroxide into oxygen and water which is beneficial for the cells.

The wonderful part of administering intravenous high dose vitamin c therapy is the cancer cells end up dying off as a result of the metabolic challenge it faced. And the healthy cells are able to use it to their benefit where absolutely no damage is done.

This is a proven therapy which works naturally with our bodies. It provides great assistance when people are going through the process of healing from cancer.

High dose vitamin c is a perfect replacement for chemotherapy. The scientific evidence is there for anyone who wants to read it. I myself use this therapy for preventative measures and a natural energy boost.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

A Non Toxic Solution For Graying Hair

a non toxic solution for graying hairIf you’re looking for an alternative to nasty chemical dyes, there is now a non toxic solution for graying hair.

Are you tired of your gray hair but at the same time not willing to subject yourself to the petroleum based chemicals dyes? If you are, Hairprint is your answer, a non toxic solution for graying hair. A totally safe non-staining, non-smelling solution. Studies have shown that a number of the ingredients in typical hair colors and dyes contain carcinogens.

Use this resource, and see for yourself if you are still continuing to use these harmful dyes. It will breakdown each ingredient for you so what can see what it does inside your body. This is the exact reason I stopped coloring my hair. Yes, that’s right, the gray hair was accelerating a little too quick for me and I was coloring my hair for a couple of years but after learning of the side effects, I stopped completely.

I decided I would rather live with a little more gray hair than continually be subjecting myself to these cancer causing chemicals. At the time a made this decision several years ago to stop coloring my hair, there was no Hairprint. However, once I found out about this amazing natural product and researched it heavily, I ordered it and couldn’t wait to try it out and see if it would actually work.

I was excited that there actually was a non toxic solution for graying hair that wasn’t hype!

a non toxic solution for graying hair











Finding out there was an effective natural product that reversed gray hair was music to my ears. I couldn’t wait to try it and actually see if in fact it did work. That’s exactly what you will see in this video, a short review by me of my first experience with the Hairprint product. And, yes, it did work!

When I had my hair colored in the past, the smell was always overwhelming and nasty. It reminded me of a chemical factory and you had to be careful not stain your skin or clothing. Not the case with Hairpint! There is absolutely no smell at all and it does not stain. It does come with rubber gloves to apply it, however, you only need them to minimize the mess. You don’t have to worry if it will burn your skin as it’s not like typical harsh dyes.

After using the product now for several months, my hair color really does look very natural. It doesn’t look painted on and fake which is a huge plus. It also seems to have softened my hair. My hair was getting really course with all the gray coming in and was tough to style, not the case any longer as it’s much softer and easier to work with which I really like.

This product works for both men and women. I highly recommend trying it to see for yourself if it does the job. I have also noticed that as of the third time using gray hair reversal product that it covered more of my gray hair and it is lasting longer. To check out the official Hairpint website, go here.  You can watch their tutorial videos and get all your questions answered on their FAQ page.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes

how the food you eat impacts your genesHow The Food You Eat Impacts Your Genes And Why We Must Pay Attention To This.

Our progress in understanding human genes has been amazing and humbling. About 150 years ago, Gregor Mendel used pea plants to establish some rules of inheritance, and about 50 years ago, Watson and Crick described the double helix of DNA.

In 2003, the entire human genome was sequenced. Amazing! How the food you eat impacts your genes is revolutionary as it gives everyone a chance to attain true health. A person can actually reverse years of “damage done”.

What was humbling was that, when the number of genes in human cells were counted and compared to other organisms, our genome was considerably smaller than that of many other species. For example, humans have about 25,000 genes in each cell, while the tiny water flea has over 30,000!

Scientists had assumed that due to our advanced abilities and organ structure, we’d have over 100,000 genes.

While we don’t have that many genes, scientists have very recently discovered ways to control the modest number we have, in an exciting new field called epigenetics. It explains how changes in gene activity can occur without changing our actual DNA.

One way that we can influence genes without changing their basic structure is through the foods we eat. It may be that our genes load the gun, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger. The impact of nutrition on our genes is often called nutrigenomics.

Put a different way: Our fork is so powerful it can not only transport food to our mouth, it can be used as a genetic on and off switch to alter our weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, cancer growth, and even our chances of healthy aging.

My video defining what is Epigenetics and how food impacts your genes

 To date, most of the elegant studies on nutrigenomics have been performed with a plant based, low fat menu, the so-called Ornish Diet. Let’s look at some of these mind-blowing experiments.

1. A plant-based diet can turn off prostate cancer genes.

Dr. Ornish, a cardiologist, fed 31 men with low-grade prostate cancer a plant-based diet with fewer than 10% of calories from fat. The men were encouraged to walk, meditate and meet in group sessions. At the end of only three months, 48 genes crucial to cancer growth were found to be more active but 453 genes (ones that controlled for tumor growth and protein production) were less active in producing proteins. Overall, blood tests for prostate cancer activity improved and tumors shrunk. These epigenetic changes from the lifestyle plan were doing great things for these men.

2. A plant-based diet slows aging.

From the same group studied above, Dr. Ornish measured the activity of an enzyme produced by genes, telomerase, believed to be involved in slowing the aging process. At five years, the age-related decrease in telomerase activity was much less in the plant-based low fat group than a control group and their telomeres were longer, suggesting a slowing of the aging process. Nice!

3. A plant-based diet improves inflammation, weight, and vascular health.

A recent research group in Pennsylvania studied 63 individuals with heart disease who followed the Ornish program and compared them to a group of 63 people who did not follow any particular program. While the control group experienced no improvement in health, the Ornish group lost weight and blood pressure fell by about 10%.

At 12 weeks, researchers found that 26 genes were exhibiting different activity in the Ornish group. After a year, 143 genes were doing the same. The genes that promoted inflammation and blood vessel injury were significantly reduced in activity. The control group showed no improvements as they maintained their standard diet during the year.

When Hippocrates wrote 2,400 years ago to “let food be thy medicine,” he had no idea that scientific experiments would one day prove him a visionary. Food is no longer just a source of calories containing protein, carbs and fats. Food is information and can be viewed as a remote control to our genes, turning them on and off by a variety of modifications.

Our fork is the most powerful surgical instrument there is. Load it up with a rainbow colored, organic, plant based diet and enjoy more time to pursue our passions and dreams, free of illness and medications. Those skinny jeans are just a forkful away, you are in control.

Dr. Kahn nailed it here in this article as so many studies are showing and proving the impact good nutrition has on our overall health. This should wake you up and hopefully it causes you to start to examine what you eat on the daily basis. We have a health crisis in the US and the majority of it starts with what we put on our forks and what we drink. It’s time to get serious and improve you health!

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