Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Three Must Haves To Keep You Fit

The Three Must Haves To Keep You FitIt's so easy to fall out of habit in regards to your health and wellness. Each passing day that you are off your healthy lifestyle routine, it becomes that much easier to stay off it and your health and fitness level suffer.

It doesn't have to be that way if you stick to these 3 basic principles.

Number one, Nutrition, it's critical that you follow a healthy lifestyle diet. I recommend a plant based whole food eating diet which will help you function at an optimal level and keep your weight in check. It's important to consume a lot of greens and a mix of fruits each day and make sure they are organic so your body doesn't have to deal with removing the pesticides from conventionally growth produce.

Number two, Exercise, and to be more specific, interval training! Interval training is far more effective than traditional cardio and it's faster and more fun. The beauty of interval training is it only takes 30 minutes or less, not hours of boring cardio and it produces better results and burns fat 24-36 hours after your workout! Interval training helps build and maintain lean muscle mass while normal cradio turns down your heart muscle mass.

And Number three, partner with a proven Health Coach! An experienced health coach can help you avoid the pitfalls that derail you from staying on your fitness plan. They can help you eliminate foods you shouldn't be eating and tighten up your overall diet. and, they can help you stay on task!

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As long as you stay focused on these three key areas, your health and fitness level will be in top shape.

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